Some sites you should probably check out. WRITTEN BY COOL PEOPLE AND READ BY COOL PEOPLE (such as yourself!).

Vindicate Games
Flash and mobile games created by two brothers with veteran backgrounds in game development. 

K. LeCrone’s Blog
Check out some awesome art adventures with the lovely K. LeCrone! ALL THE ART.

Collegiate StarLeague
Global collegiate Starcraft 2 and League of Legends tournament. Go to school, BECOME A GAMING LEGEND. 
Starcraft 2 / DotA2 community. Full of pretty awesome people. They’ve got a pro team for SC2. WORD ON THE STREET IS THAT THEY’RE PRETTY POPULAR.

Geek Panda
Nerdy shirts created by some of my awesome nerd friends. Dress yo self before you wreck yo self.

Paul is Hungry
A tumblr for food!

Right This Second
News and reviews for everything geek culture. Anime/manga, comics, games, movies and more! Written/created by artist who made the Bomberman heads in Bomberman Meatbomb Soup.

Renee Ya | A Bubbly Effervescent
This girl is awesome! She writes about being a mommy of two, Hmong culture, gaming and more!


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