rock scout ship [crab and shrimp cakes]


Last week, I spent two days attending the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. I was fortunate enough to be sent on behalf of my company to experience the sights and sounds of GDC ’13. No booth duty, this time!

I don’t have many pictures to showcase because I pretty much forgot about taking photos. Oops! The photos are pretty poor quality since they were taken with my phone.

However, I did manage to score some swag (including a Teemo hat, finally) and attend a pretty spectacular party thanks to my lovely friend at Wargaming.


I have no idea what’s going on!

But, GDC isn’t about just partying and collecting swag around the expo hall; it’s about the developers!

GDC held the 15th Annual Independent Games Festival where indie developers were presented awards for visual design, game design, sound, technical design and more. One of my favorite PC games, FTL received two awards in the categories of “Excellence in Design” and the “Audience Award”.

But that’s not all! They also scored the award for “Best Debut” at the Game Developer’s Choice Awards.  Not a bad day for an indie studio, right?

And that’s why they deserve another recipe (but really, it’s because I like to play FTL)!
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ftl: faster than linguine [linguine and clams]


The boyfriend has been toiling away many hours in FTL: Faster Than Light recently. I’ve been playing vicariously through him and helping him along the path to victory by suggesting horrible and poorly thought out ideas.

Yes, let’s remove all of the oxygen from your ship. That will surely ward off your intruders!

Or kill your entire crew…

But at least those bad guys are gone! Problem solved!

For those who have never played FTL, it’s a very interesting strategy game that limits your upgrade paths. Will you go for the ion cannon or lasers given the chance? Cloaking or anti-missile drones? There doesn’t seem to be a correct answer — every option has its benefits and downsides depending on your situation. I’m still in the process of learning how to play FTL decently, but I have learned one key thing…

When in doubt, do your best to avoid the sun.


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