league of nibbles [LoL hors d’oeuvres]


On Friday, I met up with a few friends (including some of the folks over at Geek Panda Apparel) to spectate one of the biggest eSports events this year: League of Legends World Championship Series Finals. Of course, I had to make food for this… Admittedly, I was severely over ambitious on this task, but with a little help (ok, a lot of help), I managed to finish making all of the food.

Luckily, I arrived to the party just in time to watch the first match!

There were some pretty crazy plays made by both SK Telecom T1 and Royal Club, but ultimately, the more coordinated team won. Hopefully, these players’ strategies and champion picks will inspire all players!

For the party, I created three different recipes, with each recipe representing a different champion. The champions I’ve chosen are Ahri, Amumu and Caitlyn.

I had to put Cait on the list because she’s literally the only ADC I play in ranked. I have a large champ pool, obviously. 

For the 9-tailed fox, Ahri, I’ve created Ahri’s Charmed Onigiri.


Stun your guests with this savory treat!

For the sad mummy, Amumu, I’ve created Amumu’s Shrimp Lettuce Wraps.


Get wrapped up in these flavors!

And finally, for Sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn, it had to be Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Trap Cupcakes.


Get trapped in this sinfully sweet treat!

Let’s start cooking, summoners!

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teemo’s triple mushroom soup [mushroom miso soup]


First thing’s first: I’m not the most experience League of Legends player out there. I literally have no idea what I’m doing. But, I’m learning slowly…

blog_mushroommiso_winningFigure 1.0: Winning

I play mainly ADC because it’s the easiest role for me. I’ve tried top and mid, but I definitely prefer ADC because I suck at top and mid because it suits my play style better.

With that being said, I’ve never actually played Teemo. I’ve played against many Teemos and they’ve all been thoroughly annoying. REALLY? DID YOU REALLY HAVE TO PUT A MUSHROOM THERE? Geez.

But, the most important thing is that I have his hat (the boyfriend acquired it from GDC ’13).
blog_mushroommiso_teemoAnd that’s the reason why this week’s recipe is dedicated to that terrifying little Yordle.

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