the horadric hamburger [jalapeño burger]


The most legendary of all hamburgers is located somewhere in Sanctuary. Only the luckiest and hungriest of Nephalems will ever find the famed Horadric Hamburger.


That sure is a lot of lost DPS…

Since I never found the mythical Horadric Hamburger in the magical pony land, I decided to check the auction house for it. The lowest price was 800,000 gold! WHAT! 800k for a burger?

That’s a little extravagant for a burger that isn’t even Kobe beef. So, I’ve decided to make my own Horadric Hamburger. It’s so delicious that even Diablo wants a bite…


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sky high banshee burgers [double mushroom swiss burgers]


I’m glad to see that the Banshee is being used more often in TvZ. Gone are the days of the 1-1-1 Banshee all in because it’s become incredibly predictable — it’s so faux pas and unfashionable now. It’s been a thousand times and everyone’s sick of it. It’s like wearing parachute pants and crab dancing.


Stop! 1-1-1 all-in time!

The strategies have definitely changed in the past few months.

Recently, it has been all about massing up hellions, running into the Zerg base and then having a delicious Drone BBQ. Then, the Banshee happily flies in and starts ruining the Zerg’s day even more. She’s like the icing on your birthday cake. Happy Birthday, your Zerg opponent is down by 20 workers! Yay!

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