barcraft bites [hors d’oeuvres trifecta]


Over the weekend, I attended a BarCraft event at my friend’s home. We’ve had BarCraft events here before (with the occasional karaoke involved), but none of this caliber. Blizzard, being the awesome folks that they are, sent Ray some StarCraft swag to help with the festivities.


PRESENTS!! A GSL calendar, TONS of coasters, authenticators, stickers, and lanyards!

To prepare his bar for eSports, Ray put decorations honoring all of the international StarCraft teams.


Unlike Joeyray’s Bar on Mar Sara, Ray’s Bar in California does not stock Benson Cognek or Scotty Bolger’s Old No. 8, but there is a plethora of other fine spirits…

blog_barcraftbites_barNo shortage of refreshments here. 

In order to have a proper BarCraft, we had to have proper bar food and that was my job. I created a menu full of finger food that could be easily enjoyed with a beer-in-hand. Each race is proudly represented here in a very foodie fashion:


For Terran, I’ve created the Hellbat Sliders, turkey sliders with a spicy BBQ base and apple coleslaw. These hellbats won’t damage your economy.


For Zerg, I’ve created Swarm Host Bites, stuffed mushrooms with mozzarella cheese and Italian sausage. Warning, unlike in-game swarm hosts, these swarm host bites cause major splash damage!


Finally, for Protoss, I’ve created Tempest Croissants, prosciutto, spinach and mozzarella stuffed croissants. Let these croissants siege your taste buds.

These recipes are meant to be very simple and I will be taking some shortcuts in order to reduce the prep time and the ingredients list.

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cyburgnetics core [satay shrimp burgers]


Today, we’re serving up fresh burgers straight from the master Zealot chefs of Aiur! All aboard the bad pun train because we’re making Cyburgnetics Cores. Yes, I went there.

gameshirt_protoss_ready_to_serve_t_shirtshirt available at 

The Cybernetics Core is an early game structure necessary to many standard Protoss build orders. Of course, if you’re rushing (i.e., cannon rush or proxy Zealot rush), you probably won’t need a Cybernetics Core since your game will be over in 5 minutes or less.

However, assuming that you want to actually play towards the mid game and beyond, it’s probably in your best interest to place a Cybernetics Core sometime after your first Gateway.

While we’ve given some insight on why you need a Cybernetics Core, we haven’t answered the most question of them all: how does it taste? Hopefully like shrimp satay!

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