+1 carapace salmon [herb crusted salmon]


I’ve been watching a lot of Proleague recently and I’m excited to see Broodwar players earn their stars on the battlefield. Admittedly, this is my first Proleague experience and I’m quite enjoying it. I’m still waiting to see Flash make this face:

Figure 1.0: The face of Terran

KT has been doing pretty OK… Just OK (aside from the fact that they have been putting on the pain train so far. All aboard!) But the league has just begun, so there’s many more games and many more chances for all of the teams. Also, more Flash. Yay!


Figure 1.1: The result of coffee based stim packs

Anyways, enough Proleague FOR NOW! It’s time to discuss food; more specifically food that involves the delicious Atlantic salmon. I’m a big supporter of salmon because it’s tasty, healthy and easy to prepare. Salmon doesn’t even take that long to cook, so it’s pretty time saving. Oh, did I mention it’s pretty tasty?

Yeah, it’s pretty tasty. Maybe even tastier when coated in herbs:

blog_herbcrustedsalmon_prepcrustedThis recipe is fairly simple and you could probably* finish it during the Proleague breaks. DAMN, THOSE BREAKS ARE PRETTY LONG.

*maybe not
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