gosu burritos [korean bulgogi burritos]

Eat Game Live is not my first attempt at food blogging. My food blogging “career” had humble beginnings on the Starcraft 2 community site, Teamliquid.net. The original title was aptly named “Food Porn” as it mainly contained heavily saturated photographs of my kitchen experiments. Eventually, I branched out into creating a blog that hosted Starcraft 2 themed recipes called 1a into the Kitchen.

I quickly outgrew the blog and decided to upgrade (plus I really disliked the blogger format), so I purchased a domain, packed up and shipped everything over to WordPress. Now, I’m in the process of unpacking all of my old recipes and formatting them for their brand new home at Eat Game Live. Gosu Burritos is just one of the many refreshed recipes that will be coming to this blog. So, if you truly think you are gosu (highly skilled), then try tackling this recipe.

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